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Pajarito Powder

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Pajarito Powder is a cutting-edge company specializing in the development and manufacturing of advanced catalysts and catalyst support materials for fuel cells. Founded in 2012, Pajarito Powder has emerged as a leading player in the clean energy sector, aiming to revolutionize the automotive, stationary power, and portable power markets through the advancement of fuel cell technologies.

Pajarito Powder serves as an exemplary case of effectively leveraging the STEP Grant to drive innovation and fuel business growth. Pajarito Powder has made extensive use of trade show exhibition support in Europe and Asia, with more that 90% of the company’s revenues coming from those regions. More recently, they implemented language globalization on the Pajarito Powder website, which is now actively translated into four languages.  


“The State Trade Expansion Program, or STEP, has been essential to Pajarito Powder’s success. As a rare start-up that has been global since inception, Pajarito Powder’s ability to exhibit at the most important international tradeshows has been critical in establishing us as a leading provider of electrocatalyst materials for the hydrogen economy. Without the assistance of the STEP program, it would not have been possible for us to do so.”

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