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Red Mountain Arsenal

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Red Mountain Arsenal is in the business of precision. Their key to success stems from the exceptional level of customization they provide. The quality level that the only manufacturer of military-grade small-caliber ammunition in New Mexico offers, has proven to have the potential to make them succeed abroad. 


Fred and Pete, the two managing partners, were looking for opportunities to realize that potential overseas, and that’s when they reached out to the New Mexico Trade Alliance. We introduced them to the STEP Grant, which was the right fit for their export needs. Red Arsenal was put in contact with the right people in the International Trade Administration to conduct extensive market research. Additionally, the STEP Grant allowed them to revamp and translate their webpage to reach potential leads completely. The best part of it, the costs were wholly reimbursed as part of the Grant.

In the words of Fred Alvarado, the program "Is like gold. This has been the single most valuable thing that my company has done, and it’s all being through the New Mexico Trade Alliance". Red Mountain Arsenal could not be happier when they hit the right international clients, seeing their sales increase by 25%, and following up with potential clients in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 


We are happy to contribute to the success of New Mexico companies in their efforts abroad, your company can be the next one!


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